At this moment, a powerful typhoon is hitting Japan and expected to pass right over the Fukushima power plant. While CNN refers to the storm’s possible impact on Fukushima–, CBC’s coverage of the evacuation call for 1.3 mio people is silent on it:

There is reason for serious concern that more radioactivity will be released into water and air by the massive downpour of rain and onslaught of storm on the leaking basements of and ground beneath the damaged reactor buildings. The ground has been destabilized by the earthquake, and reactor building 4 has been leaning as a result. Like the other reactor buildings, it contains a spent fuel pool (SFP) with hundreds of tons of MOX fuel, including highly toxic Plutonium. If the building crumbles, the SPF will go with it, potentially releasing more Plutonium and other radioactive materials. More information and discussion of this is available at

With the possibility of more radioactive releases in Japan that will be carried here by the jetstream, it is disconcerting to learn that Health Canada intends to stop its air radiation reporting soon. The Japanese government has now hired social media and internet experts to spread government information on the Fukushima disaster. Here in Canada, Canadian mainstream media have conspicuously stayed away from reporting on the Fukushima catastrophe, despite public calls for media attention to this topic.