After Fukushima, Does Nuclear Power Have a Future?
The New York Times, Special Report: Energy, October 10, 2011
by Stephanie Cooke

“A couple of months after the catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant March 11, an American nuclear expert posed an interesting question. ‘The post-Fukushima public sentiment is surprisingly low-key isn’t it? What a difference between this event and TMI or Chernobyl,’ he wrote in an e-mail, using an abbreviation for the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. ‘What do you think is going on? Why so quiet?’

I was not convinced. What he said was certainly true in the United States, but the accident had a profound effect in Germany, China and several other countries, serving as a fearful reminder of what can go wrong with nuclear power plants.” […]
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