At the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Public Health Association on Oct.31, Professional Engineer and PhD researcher Marco Kaltofen (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA) presented his data regarding hot particles found in Japan and the US (including Seattle) and results of soil analysis for Fukushima radionuclides. This analysis confirmed that Fukushima radiation reached the US west coast.

“US air filter and dusts samples did not contain hot particles, except for air samples collected from Seattle, WA during the month of April 2011. The samples of Japanese children’s shoes were found to have relatively high radiocesium contamination levels. Isolated US soil samples contained up to 8 nanoCuries per Kg of radiocesium, while control samples showed no detectable radiocesium.” (from conference abstract available at Hopefully, the full paper will become publicly available soon.

The Fairewinds website contains a video and text commenting on the conference paper: