10:30: enormous number of Japanese people requesting more information from regulators about radiation levels in contaminated rice, fish, beef, green tea, water, fall-out etc–without getting answers

12:30: within 4 days of Fukushima, 40,000 times normal levels of noble gases, Xenon, Krypton etc from Fukushima reached Seattle. That was followed by heavier radioisotopes, such as Iodine, Cesium and Strontium.

13:00: One third of Fukushima kids tested have lumps in their thyroids.

14:30: Why is this information marginalized by the media?

15:15: US government down-played extent of the accident early on. Hillary Clinton reached agreement with Prime Minister of Japan that US would not interfere with Japanese exports….

15:30: NRC knew extent of accident 9 days before Japanese people were warned and evacuated.

16:30 Governments played with people’s lives for sake of economy. In US and Canada all monitoring was shut down on westcoast…Independent labs showed tremendous amounts of radiation.

FDA is not testing. The attitude is: If you don’t know, it’s not there….What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

17:00 There is a concerted effort among the nuclear industry to deliberately downplay risks of low-level radiation. World-wide push controlled by nuclear industry.

19:00 chances of kids in Fukushima getting cancer are 1:20 to 1:100.

19:30 Germany has put in place plan to end nuclear power. Also unrest and demonstrations in France, premier nuclear power country. Italy is also phasing out nuclear power.

21:00 German study showing cancer risk from nuclear power plants, esp. early childhood cancers. French study just substantiated that study.

25:00 many other illnesses can be attributed to radiation.

25:30 Govt of Japan will do its best to mask/ downplay deaths and illnesses related to Fukushima. Statistics not available.

27:00–crowdsourcing of radiation monitoring

28:30: Bill Gates is handing over new Uranium reactors with questionable safety standards to China.

31:30 Biological effects of ionizing radiation (BEIR). US National Academy of Sciences study. Concern over release of radiation from cedar buds and highly radioactive locusts (eaten by Japanese).

34:15 Radiation exposure and cancer rate are linear (LNTA). Cancer risk in evacuated areas: 1/500 (2 REM/ year). Japanese govt willing to let people go back. Young girls have 5x higher cancer risk than general population!, i.e., 1/100 young girls will get cancer due to radiation exposure for each year in Fukushima Prefecture. Hot particles effect not included in calculation of risk.

36:00 Ian Goddard video: Japan govt. raised allowable exposure per year from 1 to 20 MilliSieverts. US National Academy of Sciences ( predicts that this level will cause cancers everywhere, primarily women and children.

41:15 Children are most vulnerable to radiation.

42:00 There is no harmless dose of radiation. Children, and especially girls, are much more vulnerable to radiation effects (girls 2x or greater more vulnerable than same-aged boys).

44:00 International comprehensive study (largest study ever of nuclear workers, involving 15 countries): statistical correlation between radiation exposure and cancer at average annual dose: 2 milli Sieverts/ yr –this is 1/10th of exposure of people in Fukushima.

49:00 slow dose rate may be associated with higher cancer risk than fast dose rate. Higher risk of nuclear workers than atom bomb survivors.

51:00 comparison of risk models–slow and fast dose. Leading models may underestimate low dose radiation risk.

Genetic damage due to radiation.

57:00 Japan’s allowance of 20 Milli Sievert radiation/ year is NOT SAFE.