We need your help with the following:

1) Radionuclide testing:

Option A: Be a Sample Sponsor (approx. $200)

  • Contact us for details at changeagents2011@yahoo.ca

Option B: Be a Sample Taker

  • Collect, ship, pay and report results for one or more samples from your area (in order of importance/ likelihood of contamination): soil; rain and snowmelt; food (seafood, seaweed, leafy and root vegetables, fresh fruit, mushrooms, honey etc); milk (goat, cow) and breastmilk; drinking water.
  • Costs per sample (gamma spectroscopy, alpha and beta cross count) are approximately $180 Cdn, excluding taxes and shipping, through a certified Canadian laboratory.
  • Turn-around times are approx.  2 weeks.
  • Please contact us at changeagents2011@yahoo.ca to become part of the roster of testers and see sampling and shipping guidelines below.

2) Writing letters to responsible government agencies and politicians requesting comprehensive, coordinated radionuclide monitoring and reporting of Canadian air, water, soil and food as well as imports from Japan. Sample letters and contact information can be found here.

3) Fundraising for testing in Canada and to support Japanese people in highly contaminated areas.

If you want to get involved in any of the above actions, become a Partner or Supporter, or have questions or ideas, please contact us at changeagents2011@yahoo.ca.

Sampling and Shipping Guidelines for Testers

  1. Choose the kind of sample you want to have tested by the lab. We are now focusing testing on  soil, but testing of rainwater, snowmelt water, goat/ sheep milk, breastmilk, seafood, and vegetables (leafy greens in particular) also continues.
  2. You need at least 500ml of liquid and 20 g of solid materials (more for soil, see below).
  3. Record type of sample (e.g., wild sockeye salmon; topsoil; fresh spinach, etc and whether it is organic); sampling date and time; for purchased food items, also date packaged and best before data; exact location (store or sample location address–latter ideally with UTM coordinates). For soil sampling, chose an area that is flat and not covered by foliage (trees)–ideally where food stuffs are grown or children are playing; that has rich (dark) rather than sandy soil (as radionuclides percolate down more easily in sand). Dig a hole of 30-40cm in depth (a bit deeper than a foot) and collect your sample by scraping off soil material from the top to the bottom in order to catch material from all layers. It is advisable to collect more than 20 g (approx. one pound). Keep and store in a plastic bag half of the soil sample in case soil composition needs to be analyzed after lab testing.
  4. Double-wrap well in clean plastic/ ziplock bags
  5. Freeze seafood; package seafood and vegetables on icepacks
  6. Fill out, print and include with your shipment a Chain of Custody Record/ Analysis Request Form on SRC’s website http://www.src.sk.ca/html/labs_facilities/analytical_labs/index.cfm
  7. Request results be sent to you via email in excel format (alternatively, PDF) on regular turn-around time. Include the following special instructions: “Please perform the gross alpha and beta test and gamma spectroscopy.  Please indicate the specific radionuclides identified by gamma spectroscopy (Cs-137, Cs-134, I-131, K-40)”.  The gross alpha and beta test does not identify individual radionuclides, but may indicate the presence of other radionuclides not identified by gamma spectroscopy, such as Strontium or Uranium. Expected costs are $180, or $210 for milk or other samples if an acid digestion is required,  plus applicable taxes.
  8. Include credit card information (number, full name and expiry date).
  9. Send sample with Analysis Request Form via express or 2-day delivery to:            SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories
    102-422 Downey Rd
    Saskatoon, SK S7N 4N1
    email: analytical@src.sk.ca
  10. If you have questions regarding the sampling procedure, please contact us first at changeagents2011@yahoo.ca and refrain from phoning the lab, as their staff are very busy.
  11. Send report of results to changeagents2011@yahoo.ca for posting.
  12. Thank yourself for having contributed to an important initiative to support public and environmental health in Canada.

6 Responses to “Get Involved”

  1. lisa begg Says:

    I have emailed Health canada more than once and they always refer me back to their website… you can never get a straight answer!

  2. Jay Black Says:

    Sorry for the trouble but where in Vancouver may I purchase a hand held radiation monitor?

    1. You can’t purchase one in VANCOUVER-online store is $249 plus delivery

      1. Jay Black Says:

        Thanks. What’s the web address?

  3. joe dinstan Says:

    Geiger can’t measure radioactivity in food.

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