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  1. […] the public to work collaboratively to have food, soil, and water tested. Her group has created a “Canadian Network for Radiation Awareness & Monitoring” website, which will post results from citizen-initiated laboratory […]

    1. changeagents Says:

      Issue of radiation-tainted
      food in Japan escalates

      Mushrooms Join Growing List of

      Radioactive Threats to Japan’s Food Chain

      By Naoko Fujimura and Chris Cooper, Bloomberg News,
      As printed in The Vancouver Sun, Aug. 14, 2011

  2. Stephen Says:

    Yes! I’d love to get involved with this vastly important issue!

  3. Jon Says:

    I have been reading news every day on Fukushima, Its number five of the list, worst yet , USA is even bigger to endanger citizens with aging reactors.

  4. Jon Says:

    I would like to suggest putting this site on your daily read, it’s wild whats going on in japan
    Arnie Gundersen can teach you a lot on what has happened and whats going on. I can imagine there has to to be nuclear fall out in BC as Arnie Gundersen estimate Seattle was inhaling 10 hot particles per day during the fall out, these fall outs don’t stop at the border. Get informed with Arnie ,

  5. Zach Ruiter Says: Budke and the Network,

    My name is Zach Ruiter. contact me at I write for Rabble and Trent Arthur. I’ve been a nuclear activist since I found out General Electric in Peterborough planned to process enriched uranium in the downtown across the street from an elementary school.

    I have been a cnsc intervenor and as such have contacts in the CNSC and know how to demand information.

    here is the latest e-mail I sent to Health Canada:

    Dear Paul Gully, Eric Pellerin, Marc Drolet, Ian Hoffman, and Linda Genovesi
    BCC: Community Members

    Health Canada must release radiation data.

    On Wednesday August 10th, in an article in the Guardian, Amy Goodman, an independent journalist and host of reported

    In recent weeks, radiation levels have spiked at the Fukushima nuclear power reactors in Japan, with recorded levels of 10,000 millisieverts per hour (mSv/hr) at one spot. This is the number reported by the reactor’s discredited owner, Tokyo Electric Power Co, although that number is simply as high as the Geiger counters go.

    the article can be located here:

    I am e-mailing you on Thursday August 11 2011. The same day Mr. Pellerin informs me that Health Canada will no longer be posting data, becuase it takes up too much staff resources.

    Mr. Pellerin wrote: Also, effective August 11th, we will actually completely discontinue the posting of monitoring data on Health Canada’s web site and we will return to our normal quarterly reporting as it was before the Fukushima accident. The rationale for the change is: (1) conditions of plants in Japan are under better control and emissions are low; (2) all radiation measurements over last few months have been within the range of normal background levels, therefore the extra costs of operating, maintenance and reporting are no longer justified.

    With all due respect, Mr. Pellerin, Dr. Gully, Mr. Drolet, Mr. Hoffman, and Ms. Genovesi, it is time to come clean and provide Canadians full disclosure and comprehensive information about the radiation exposure arriving through the atmosphere to Canada. Please forward this to the Minister of Health as well as Mr. Leblanc, secretary of the CNSC.

    My requests are reasonable and they are the following

    1. Publish all Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization Monitoring Station Data form the sites of the Canadian monitoring stations, not one a week, but at least daily with standardized measurement conditions. Please provide the most specific information about when each test was done, what were the weather conditions, and the exact time of the reading. This is not too much to ask becuase you should be doing this regardless to be diligent in the protection of the Health of Canadians. Furthermore you must also give the CTBTO permission to publish the data for the Canadian monitoring stations directly on their website or have the results you publish on the Health Canada Radiological Monitoring Data webpage certified by the CTBTO’s offices in Vienna.

    2. You must continue to publish the radiological monitoring data and continue to collect it. Dr. Gully was interviewed on CBC, and it was reported that Health Canada has deployed nine more monitoring stations in BC, I would like to see the results of these and not be refereed to a freedom to information request.

    3. Ian Hoffman submitted an abstract to the Book of Abstracts; Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty:Science and Technology on p.134. in which he stated the following: “Large data sets generated from the International Monitoring System of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization and Canadian national equipment were analyzed to determine the nature and magnitude of the event. Various Canadian assets were used including: a network of NaI detectors, aircraft surveillance, high volume aerosol samplers, and soil samples to provide guidance to decision makers on the nature and impact of the event”. I request to see these large sets of data, I request to see the internal communication on the part of Ian Hoffman and Health Canada which contextualizes these sets of data. Furthermore I would like the data from the Nal detectors, aircraft surveillance, aerosol samplers, and soil samples which provided guidance to decision makers on the nature and impact of the event. I would like to know who the individual decision makers on the nature of the event were.

    You simply must as citizens and civil servants demonstrate a commitment to transparency and full disclosure. As you are aware I believe that you are actively suppressing information on the impacts and nature of the Fukushima event. May I remind you that your prime concern is the health of Canadians and the duty to provide timely and accurate information to the public. It is now up to you to demonstrate the capacity to be responsible to the people of Canada, not with assurances, stonewalls, and passing the buck, you simply must provide the data in question and let the citizens of Canada, scientists, activists, researchers, journalists, public health officials, health care professionals, and Canadians from various fields of expertise have access to the data and earn their trust. I do not use these words lightly and I am fully aware that they are sensitive and serious, they are not an accusation but a demand for accountability.

    I look forward to your response and the possibility of collaboration for the prevention of diseases and working towards the health of our children.

    Zach Ruiter

    1. lisa begg Says:

      Thankyou Zach, I noticed alot of anonymity in government institutions. Who is the individual ‘Decision Maker’ they write of in Health Canada’s web page and each other ministries? If we never find out, we have to be satisfied that our Creator knows exactly who they are.

  6. protect the children Says:

    It’s unfortunate that our BC provincial government has not properly monitored our beautiful province. Why am I sadly not surprised? There’s no money in testing for radiation and it would reflect badly on the nuclear industry. So instead of showing actual radiation figures in our communities, we have been spoon fed euphemisms such as “at safe limits”, “minute”, “trace amounts”, and “no threat to humans”.

    Luckily, some Japanese have begun lifting the veil that has been cast upon them since the initial earthquake by creating blogs. One such blog is which is a collection of articles and video footage about the current nuclear situation and ongoing controversy regarding the 30km exclusion zone, food, water, air and much more. You can translate it if you use chrome into English.

    Here’s the site again:

  7. conky888 Says:

    Fukishima is a world changing event. It will have massive and generational effects on everything that lives in the northern hemisphere. It is being ignored because nothing can be done, the problem is spreading and worsening. There was a brave soul at connnectingthedots1 who was travelling from Victoria to the east coast measuring the horrendous radiation in rain samples- – he got as far as Alberta and youtube shut him down. I hope he is safe. Living in Nova Scotia I thought I was somewhat protected from the worst of the radiation – that was months ago, at the beginning, how naive – it has been raining non stop here and that is most unusual, so nowhere is safe. All the monitoring sites that were active up to mid April have been shut down.

  8. conky888 Says:

    youtube channel is connectingdots1 and is back up and running. Check out Lake Louise readings. I do not have a geiger counter and am unable to provide that type of info, but am here for any assistance you require.

  9. chercur Says:

    Great somebody is doing something! Awesome, been following what is happening in Japan and there has been nothing here in Canada. I have been concerned about Canada’s lack of concern for its people. If everything is so safe why are they afraid to test fish? Will spread this link to everyone! Thank you for your important work

  10. Green Warrior Says:

    Excellent site and thank you for starting it.

    Unfortunately our government has failed horribly to protect and inform.

    Does anyone know if there are lawsuits either being considered or in creation that will hold accountable the current governments in power?

    Thanks again

  11. Michael Raycevick Says:

    I have an Inspector EXP Plus , with the Large tube detachable Wand . I am in Burnaby , if you need readings , contact me , I would love to work with you , I have been taking readings daily , I found a hotspot in Bby , in some moss outside a store there that read over 110CPM , outside I get a 38CPM in Bby right now . I find the readings I get are more in line w/ the Seattle , and Victoria readings , a little lower , but not as low as is shown on the . for Vancouver . I have always got reading Double and higher , compared to the reading they show .

    1. dave Says:

      MIchael I’d like to discuss your readings, email me? geek @ uniserve . com


    2. lisa begg Says:

      I have been saving rain samples. Please email me I am in Langley.

  12. hendrico8 Says:

    This is a very brave initiative, in the face of staunch denial by anyone official, whether burocrat or politico. I have also followed the catastrophe closely, and have reason to think this mess was created for all of us.
    Testing will confirm the reality of ongoing omni-cide, to publicise it will not reduce radiation, the bio-accumulation, or any risk. It is very hard to see all the innocents, esp’ly the children, but to tell their parents of this huge radiation hazard, 5 months of exposure behind us, may add despair to all the other health problems, no?
    An organic farmer from Hawaii recommended borax [11%boron] on gardens, to absorb some radiation. But that set my vegies back a lot too.
    The other measure is anti-oxidants , because we ”burn up”, =age, a little faster..
    So, even if we measure water and sopil, and foods, whatcha gonna do aboudid??
    all the best to all of you, don’t let this stop you, just a bit of perspective…

  13. john stone Says:

    Here is the gods honest truth of what is going on My family and I are leaveing Canada for good in a couple of weeks have sold everything and am moving to the Southern Hemisphere.

    From my 10 plus years of military experience what is accumulating daily here in Canada is only going to get worse. If you really want to create change move to the southern hemisphere and save yourselves and families. From there you can encourage others to make the migration south of the equator.

    What we are experienceing here is nothing short of the largest man-made disaster in human history. It is now time to stop depending on the government to take care of your best needs. It is now time to survive and make decisions for yourselves.

    If our government cared so much for your well being they would be doing everything in their power to protect the health of all Canadians. With the current party in power good luck finding transparency in anything.

    To all my fellow Canadians all I have to say now is I hope you make the best decisions for your lives and children. Your life is much more important than your job get out while the Canadian dollar is good. Major changes are coming that will effect your life and freedoms here ,for when the truth is revealed the masses will panic and then the government will really control your lives more than it is today.

    Anyways i am rambling here


    1. lisa begg Says:

      Its just like Fukushima people; many don’t want to leave their friends and family and i totally understand that…because without them, life would be hell anyway.

  14. Foliculo Says:

    To those that say they have counters, of what use are they if you don’t kindly share the readings with us? Please don’t tell us you have it and are not going the step further to make people aware of your findings … with all the respect to the guys in connectingthedots1 at youtube, but I don’t believe his readings were legit, I have seen other results and are not that bad.

    1. lisa begg Says:

      a geiger is a very simple tool; what it reads is what it reads; how can it not be legit especially if its callibrated?

    2. Stephen Says:

      I broke down and bought a geiger counter now. I’m in Victoria, BC, and so far I’ve tested the following (the machine is calibrated specifically for CS-137):

      Home A/C filter
      Car air filter

      So far, nothing above ‘normal’ background levels (i.e., <0.2 usv/hour or 20-30cpm, generally).

      1. dave Says:

        when did you start monitoring?

      2. Stephen Says:

        started monitoring about 2 weeks ago.

  15. derrick moore Says:

    these might be good links to include — this is real!:

    also check out this story, with the stunning(ly stupid) theory that BC parents must have all suddenly started putting their newborns on their stomachs in 2011:

  16. dcapit8 Says:

    Yes, thank you for doing this. I absolutely support you [I know, show me the money…].

    I have been watching the web for everything I can find about “Japan radiation coming to Canada” and information is SCARCE, if any at all.

    Our government is most likely in the mode of “don’t cause panic” by letting us know how much radiation is really hitting us. Again, corporate interests over citizen interests – we are not going to take it much longer!!

  17. Kent Johansen Says:

    Hi –
    I can help making monitoring equipment and will be in touch.
    We should have some kind of open source or at least cheap equipment put together.

  18. it’s human nature to want to make every attempt possible to survive.Unfortunately,we are not up against a palpable, quantifiable enemy.Those who wield the power , possess the wealth and control the military/industrial complex,are not interested in the health and welfare of the public at large.In their eyes we,the masses,are merely worker ants with limited usefulness and disposable.When the NWO is firmly established and in power,the culling will begin in earnest through world war 3.The indifference demonstrated by government and industry with regards to the public’s well being should be no surprise(remember Bhopal).Every person in the world who is sickened by industry’s wanton disregard for human and planetary health simply becomes another customer for big pharma and,when dead from their affliction,is another step towards depopulating the planet for the benefit of the elite’s future generations.”They”, have built underground bases to weather the coming mass genocide,and “we” are not invited.It will not matter where one lives,everyone who is not “chosen” is in the crosshairs.War and disease will be global and there will be no escape.Events like this are merely a precursor to bigger and more deadly events.I have children,and I fear for them as you all do.I applaud the fortitude shown by those who would fight,but,unfortunately the days for resistance are long gone and it’s every man and woman for him/herself.Society is polarized like never before and there will not be full consesus among people as to what is appropriate action against this evil agenda.Those who scoff at “conspiracy theories” should remove their rose coloured glasses and face the truth.The Georgia Guidestones were not erected as a prank or a flight of fancy and what is written on them appears to be altruistic and hopeful,but I fail to see how the world’s population can be reduced to the “ideal” 500 million without a mass die-off.George Orwell was right on the money,he just had the year wrong.Vaya con Dios my friends.

  19. Ian Sa Says:

    What is the mailing address for the Assn please?

    1. Saskatchewan Research Council
      125 – 15 Innovation Boulevard
      Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8
      Ph: 306-933-5400
      Fx: 306-933-7446

  20. Mechelle Says:

    I live in the Kootenays. I’ve had my garden soil tested by the one and only lab in Canada (that I was told of) that does radiation testing. Our first results back in May were 8.6 Bq/Kg…we had it tested a month later again and they said they changed their detection limit and we had nothing and in fact the first reading was probably a false positive????? I don’t feel that I can trust this lab any longer…any comments? they changed their detection limit from 0.7 to 5…any idea what this means? does it skew everything?


    1. Mechelle Says:

      By the way that was 8.6Bq/Kg of Cesium 137 tested by the Saskatchewan Research Council. It cost $134.00 plus shipping. You can put your soil into a sterilized mason jar and send it by Greyhound.

      1. Hi Mechelle,

        yes, the Saskatchawan Research Council is the certified lab. It’s $200 thought to do alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy.
        Minimum detectable levels vary with each sample

  21. The Big Setup Says:

    Listen to the latest on RADIATION on the west coast:
    [audio src="" /]

  22. The Big Setup Says:

    July 16th radiation reading in HOPE BC VERY HIGH

  23. Stephen Says:

    Does anyone in Victoria have a Geiger-counter that could be used to test local vegetables? I’d like to have my backyard-garlic tested. Can pay with a few cloves (if they’re ok). 😉

    1. Stephen Says:

      I bought a geiger counter now. If anyone in Victoria wants anything checked (within reason of course, if I get a 100 replies I can’t really drive all over the place), I’m happy to oblige.

      Is there a way to PM users on this forum (I don’t want to put my email on display for all the spammers to pile on)?

  24. ZaneinVernon Says:

    I have emailed Jack Layton for months and Elizabeth May with facts about the West coast radiation and guess what, absolutely no response. People need a responsible change!
    What good is a government that does not protect its people?

  25. ZaneinVernon Says:

    I am so pissed off about this situation There is so much the average person can do with either their diets and exposure that is not being shared. This is BUCKS OVER BODIES happening right here in our own country, it makes me sick. Take Cuminum or tumeric extract and extra iodine. The government could give away zeolite like the Russians did. It is by all scientific studies about six times larger than Chernobyl. WTF do people have to say to make change.

  26. ] It is grate to be anxioousw about what’s happening regarding fokoushima’s power plant. don’t think all these are result of utilizing nuclear energy. we must ask ourselves that this is a just right way to use radioactive substances to gain more energy?

  27. hello, thank you for making this situation not disappear. if you need any help in anyway, i am located in vancouver to help.
    i have an indigo biofeedback system and i am keeping an eye on my own body as the days, months and years will go by.
    already, i have symptoms of stress with rashes appearing daily…which i have never had before. the chicken or the egg, what ever…i am very happily planning to leave here in the next few years. i cannot at this present time but i do have it in my mind to leave.
    at least i can, i do not have loyalty to a country which has no intelligence to know that we are one world and what is happening in japan is having a polluting effect on the west coast of north america…

  28. Fukushima radiation alarms doctors
    According to Dr Kodama, the total amount of radiation released over a period of more than five months from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster is the equivalent to more than 29 “Hiroshima-type atomic bombs” and the amount of uranium released “is equivalent to 20” Hiroshima bombs.

    Kodama, along with other scientists, is concerned about the ongoing crisis resulting from the Fukushima situation, as well as what he believes to be inadequate government reaction, and believes the government needs to begin a large-scale response in order to begin decontaminating affected areas.

    Distrust of the Japanese government’s response to the nuclear disaster is now common among people living in the effected prefectures, and people are concerned about their health.

  29. i have been thinking that if there are more earthquakes in the region, would there be a catastrophe effect soon to be played out. am i too sci fi to think that a nuclear explosion could rip a hole in the crust that would fold the earth inward and the water would gust down into the void. just my thought today as i hear that more earthquakes are being felt in the region, honshu prefecture. this is just off the top of my imagination/vision, so bear with me.

  30. Backround Radiation in ST. Louis 178 Times over the limit!

  31. eldric vero Says:

    Leuren Moret lecture and interviews regarding this subject are alarming:

  32. eldric vero Says:

    Alfred Webre recent interview:
    Leuren Moret: Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit in covering up Fukushima radiation

  33. The Tokyo Electric Power Co., still coping with the aftermath of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami that damaged its six-reactor Fukushima nuclear power complex, announced that if the water injections cooling the power plant are halted again, the fuel rods could start melting within 38 hours.

    If the fuel rods start melting, it could result in another massive release of radioactivity. TEPCO’s estimate said that the fuel’s temperature, which is now believed to have congealed into a solid mass at the bottom of the pressure vessels, in the absence of cooling water would rise about 50 degrees each hour until it hits its melting point of 2,200 degrees in about 38 hours, The Japan Times reported.

    If the cooling procedures failed, then the crippled reactors would start emitting radioactive fallout, which could reach over 10 millisieverts, the threshold for evacuation.

    An independent 14 September radiation survey found up to 307,000 becquerels of cesium per kilogram of soil near Fukushima, triple that of the benchmark above which the government requires tainted mud to be sealed by concrete. The Citizens Against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants NGO announced that the readings are comparable to the high levels in special regulated zones where evacuation was required after the April 1986 Chernobyl accident in Ukraine.

  34. Ray Says:

    Well, where do I start. I’ve e-mailed and been brushed off by Liz May, David Suzuki and the ole CBC, back in spring. So I finally bought a dosimeter off ebay and started testing here in eastern Ontario. So far, it is just showing up in the rain. Keep raising hell gang.

    We need more independent folks testing and posting readings.

  35. concerned mommy Says:

    nice to hear ray that I wasnt the only one pestering them. I agree, the only way to protect yourself is to not depend on our govt & just get your own testers…

  36. Rhonda Soullier Says:

    Very interested in Fukashima radiation disaster and would like to find radiation readings.

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