We are collaborating with Physicians for Global Survivalhttp://pgs.ca/?page_id=89— in requesting comprehensive, coordinated radiation testing and monitoring, including publicly available data, from responsible government agencies in Canada and in raising public and media awareness of health and environmental effects related to radiation in general, and Fukushima emissions in particular. Please contact us at changeagents2011@yahoo.ca if you would like to become a partner/ collaborator or financial supporter of our initiative. Thank you!


12 Responses to “Collaborators & Supporters”

  1. Robert Partridge Says:


    I have been very concerned about this entire episode since the disaster in March. I feel very isolated in my concern, even receiving astonishment and ridicule from close friends and family.

    Please consider me an ally and a willing participant in your search for the truth.

    1. Dana Says:

      I know how you feel. I have felt the same. It has almost made me embarassed to talk about it to others. In April I tried to limit outdoor playtime In the rain for the kids at my children’s school, I was met with bewildered looks from the principal. My coworkers looked at me funny if I mentioned my concernes. In the end I talked less about it. But I am not sure that this was the best way of doing things. I do believe spreading awareness is the better way. This is why I believe this website is extremely important. I no longer feel isolated. Thank you for doing what I could not do on my own .

    2. lisa begg Says:

      Oh do I know what you are going through!

      1. lisa begg Says:

        Is there a petition letter to Steven Harper that we can sign???

  2. Shanomi Says:

    I’m glad that someone has taken the initiative to make Canadian citizens and beyond more aware of the dangers to our health from this environmental and health disaster. The fact is, we in North America are not immune to a tragic event like this happening in our own backyards with ageing reactors. Too bad this initiative has to come from a private citizens’ group and not from members of our elected government.

    I also want to express my concern about another environmental and health hazard that the entire planet has been subjected to for decades now, and that is chemtrails – the deliberate spraying of aluminum oxide particles from our commercial airlines into the atmosphere. I will not explain here why this criminal act is being carried out but suggest that you do your own research on this matter and watch the very well researched UTube documentary “What in the World Are They Spraying?”.

    Please consider me also an ally and willing participant in this initiative.

    Nova Scotia

  3. Antje Says:

    I am very concerned about the health of our children (4 years and 10 month old). I feel that misinformation or no information about the contamination in our area is a violation of human rights. What future are we providing to our children? I will do all possible to support inititives mentioned here on your website. Everybody has to wake up and look around. The toxity in our bodies is building up until everybody gets sick. But maybe this is wanted so that a certain industry can make money. There are really ignorant and/or corupt people around………. How sick do we need to become before the hard desicions are made to improve our children’s future instead of polluting it?

    1. lisa begg Says:

      OK go on craigslist, find a freezer, sometimes they are free. buy 3months worth of milk that your 4 year old drinks. freeze it for 3 months. take from that supply; after 3months buy another gallon to replace the one you’ve taken from the freezer. You will be on a 3 mos cycle which will remove the isotope I131 which affects growing kids thyroids. Thaw the milk in the fridge and shake it, drink it within the week as it will go bad faster than fresh milk. Powder milk is another option. This is at least something we can do until we know exactly what is in it. And write leaders letters constantly!!

      1. lisa begg Says:

        You can do this with drinking water too but you don’t have to freeze it and when you do use it boil it first. This will at least remove I131

  4. Birgit Says:

    I have searched the Internet for more information on this catastrophy since mid March. A lot of info can be found in the book: Chernobyl, Consequences for People and the Environment. Yabokov
    The book is no longer in print with the Academy of Science, but can be downloaded for free as pdf file:


    (Mortality after the Chernobyl Catastrophe. By Alexey V. Yablokov . . . . . . . .
    The implications are staggering and allow us to forsee the consequences of Fukushima.
    I am concerned about the lack of information from the mainstream media.

    Please count me in as a participant in this initiative.

  5. Nina Westaway Says:

    I am concerned about the lack of information and public education forthcoming from all levels of government about radiation from Fukushima. I am concerned about the cumulative effects of damage to DNA in my child’s generation and my grandchild’s. My husband and I have both had cancer, maybe partially due to all the nuclear testing done in Nevada. It seems that people are having very serious illnesses at a younger and younger age. I can’t do a lot but am certainly able to write letters to media and to politicians.
    Nina W.
    Lumby, BC

  6. lisa begg Says:

    I am so glad this is available… my whole life is upside down and yet other people can’t understand why??? I don’t want to scare my friends; i want to save them their health and their future!!! I geuss it is worth losing a friendship over. . I can only imagine what the Japanese are going through. I want to leave bc but my children have all their friends, and my husband can’t because of work.Feeling very alone. I want to do whatever I can to help the children of bc and their future. If anyone else is from LANGLEY BC or close, and need another friend to talk to or do testing with or fundraising, let me know begg7134@telus.net
    Lisa, Langley BC

  7. lisa begg Says:

    Eat fruit grown from southern hemisphere; bananas, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit…check the labels. South America, NewZealand, Australia, and South Africa will have less contamintion than here. Avoid green leafies unless grown in hot house

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